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CALVADOS Plus de 15 ans, Dupont

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Alcohol percentage:  42%


The Pays d’Auge is an area in Normandy, on the borders of Calvados and Orne, Northern France.

Grape variety:

30% of sweet apples, mainly Rouge Duret, 30% bitter apples (Mettais, Saint Martin, Frequin and Binet Rouge)


The Dupont Family’s history in Pays d’Auge in Normandy began over 3 centuries ago. Founded by Pierre Dupont, born in the area in 1703,
Etienne Dupont has been in charge of the Domaine since 1980, when he took over from his father Louis and his grand father Jules


Production of cider: the apples are mixed together, crushed and pressed. The apple juice ferments completely. The cider produced is ready to be distillated.

Distillation (double): takes place six months after the end of the cider production.
– The first distillation of cider gives the ‘petite eau’.
– The second distillation of the ‘petite eau’, produces Calvados.

Old Bridge rating:

More like serious Armagnac, and to be treated as such


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