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2016 CANNONAU, ‘Marghia’, Poderi Jerzu. Sardinia

Bin:  646

Alcohol percentage:  14.5%



From the website of their UK agents, Liberty Wines:
“Antichi Poderi Jerzu is a co-operative based in the small village of Jerzu in the historical Ogliastra region on the east coast of Sardinia. Jerzu is a remote and untouched village that maintains many of its age-old traditions. This may have something to do with the fact that Jerzu is believed to be the village with the world record ratio of centenarians to population: of the 3200 inhabitants, four are over 100 years old!
The co-operative was founded in 1950 by the village doctor, Josto Miglior, who convinced 45 grape growers to join forces and produce better wine. Today, Jerzu unites 430 growers from almost all of the families in the village, and is led by head winemaker Biagio Boi and consultant winemaker Franco Bernabei.
Their 650 hectares of vineyards are located in prime hillside areas stretching from the Gennargentu mountains in the heart of the island to the coast. The grapes grown here are renowned for their intensity of flavour. The range of locations and micro-climatic conditions provides Biagio and Franco with multiple blending options along with opportunities to express the unique character of certain plots.”

Old Bridge rating:

Cannonau is what the Sardinians call Grenache, the key grape in the southern Rhône. Aged in old Slavonian oak for a year, this is spicy, savoury and entirely delicious!


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