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2014 CHABLIS GRAND CRU, Bougros, Bernard Defaix. Burgundy

Bin:  254

Alcohol percentage:  13.0%


Chablis is closer to Champagne than Burgundy and the climate consequently much cooler. The wines are traditionally the least rich and full-bodied Chardonnays one could imagine, although recent warm vintages have changed the style somewhat.

Bougros (just 15 hectares total) is at the western end of the 7 Grand Cru vineyards, right behind the village itself, all facing due south.

Grape variety:

Chardonnay, fermented and matured in oak for 18 months, but very little new wood (you really don’t feel any oakiness at all).


Bernard Defaix started the domaine in 1959 and his two sons, Sylvain and Didier, now have 27 hectares in and around Chablis, all farmed organically (although not certified on the label). They also part-own Domaine Jaeger-Defaix in Rully, further south.

Old Bridge rating:

Grand Cru Chablis is often so powerful and intense it lacks a true sense of being Chablis, even if impressive. This, however, from the cool 2014 vintage, is fine and mineral-driven, in classic style.


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