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Bin:  0

Alcohol percentage:  48%


Armagnac comes from Gascony in the deep south west of France. Bas Armagnac is the central and most highly thought of sub-region


Founded in 1807 by Jean Boingnères and now run by Martine Lafitte, Domaine Boingnères has just 20 hectares and makes only top quality Armagnac. The wine is distilled in a ‘Sier’ still and then aged in 420 litre oak barrels, made in the region.
Although more famous for their vintage bottlings, this non-vintage blend is still a brilliant example of Armagnac and a great introduction to the Boingnères portfolio…


£109.25 per bottle in a mixed case of 6 bottles
£103.50 per bottle in a mixed case of 12 bottles