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2014 ESTATE MERLOT, Ridge Vineyards

Bin:  775

Alcohol percentage:  13.5%


Grape variety:

100% Merlot, matured for 21 months in American oak (45% new). Ridge are obsessive about oak. After careful selection, they air-dry the wood long enough to be able to prove that American oak, treated well enough, can be as ‘fine’ as the best from France.


Ridge need little introduction, but their website gives interesting background to this wine:

“Ridge first made merlot in 1974 from the Point, the highest, most exposed block on the Monte Bello vineyard at an elevation of 2600′. Originally, we wanted to see if the varietal could match the quality of, and be included in, the Monte Bello. Once satisfied that it could, we planted more merlot over the years as space and resources allowed. From 1975 on, it has been a part of the Monte Bello whenever assemblage tastings so indicated. As the younger plantings matured, it became apparent that not only did merlot complement the Monte Bello, but also had the structure and complexity to merit a separate bottling.”

Old Bridge rating:

Only made in the occasional year, this is a very rare, mature bottle from Ridge. Very Bordeaux-like, it’s a restrained and elegant Merlot – not remotely in luscious Napa style.


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