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GRAPPA DI SCHIAVA, Pilzer. Trentino, Italy

Bin:  3550

Alcohol percentage:  43%


Vineyards situated in the Val di Cembra in Trentino – in the foothills of the Alps, due north from Verona

Grape variety:

Schiava – a local red grape, not seen elsewhere.


The Pilzer distillery was founded in 1957 by Bruno Pilzer’’s father. They are one of the few really high quality producers of the style. They distill as soon as possible after fermentation and only keep the heart of the distillate, discarding the rougher ‘heads and tails’ (as in whisky)

Old Bridge rating:

Grappa is the distillation of what’s left AFTER fermentation – in other words the skins and the stalks. It’s much rougher and more powerful than any brandy (which uses the wine). It is a bit of a ‘fad’ in smart restaurants, but the best examples do have a unique and memorable intensity


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