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2019 LESSINI DURELLO, Spumante, Cantina di Gambellara. Veneto

Bin:  60

Alcohol percentage:  12%


The Cantina di Gambellara are in between the Vicenza and Verona in north east Italy. This are of gently rolling hills is called Lessinia; it’s not far from the Soave region, and west of the main Prosecco zone.
(And no, it’s not a spelling mistake, Durella grapes from Lessinia produce a wine called Lessini Durello!)

Grape variety:

100% Durella grapes, made in the ‘tank method’ (like Prosecco) where two fermentations take place in steel ‘autoclave’ to retain the bubbles.


A co-operative since 1947 with 300 members, over 600 hectares of vineyards. Winemaker is Alberto Marchisio and Matt Thomson (who also oversees production of the A-Z wines we sell, amongst others) as consultant.

Old Bridge rating:

Slightly fuller (12% not 11%) and drier (10 grammas per litre not 15) than a typical Prosecco, but with the same lightness and drinkability. As Prosecco starts to become too popular for some drinkers, we reckon Durello has a real future.

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