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2017 MAIA MARE. Israel

Bin:  690

Alcohol percentage:  13.5%

Grape variety:

Carignan, Mourvèdre and Syrah; matured for 8 months in oak


Maia Mare is a project from Tulip Winery, which is based in Kfar Tikva, a village in northern Israel and a kibbutz-like community, founded in 1964 to look after adults with developmental and emotional disabilities. All residents are allowed to work in the winery as far as they are able.
The Maia Mare wines have been created by winemaker David Bar-Ilan, viticultural expert Kostas Bakasietas and Greek consultant Yiannis Paraskevoulos. The concept is to make wines using Mediterranean grapes and in a light, aromatic, modern style (as opposed to the heavyweights that have dominated Israeli wine thus far).

Old Bridge rating:

A big step forward for Israel – this is savoury, fresh and complex, comparable to the top end of wines from the Roussillon in southern France.


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