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2018 MONTAGNY, Tête de Cuvée, Domaine Berthenet. Burgundy

Bin:  270

Alcohol percentage:  13%


Montagny is one of the appellations in the little-known Châlonnais region, south of the Côte de Beaune but north of Mâcon. The style is between the 2 – some of the intensity of the former, with much of the easy-drinking quality of the latter.


From their UK agents, BBR:
“Based in the village of Montagny itself, the Berthenet family has been growing grapes for around four centuries, although the estate in its current form was set up in 1974. Initially it grew grapes for the co-op, but the decision was taken in 2001 to leave and begin bottling under its own name. They work sustainably, allowing grass to grow between rows and working the soil rather than using herbicides. They farm 20 hectares in total, 90 percent of which is planted with white grapes. As well as still wines, they also make Crémant, managing the whole process themselves. Fruit is machine-harvested, which allows them to react quickly to difficult conditions. It is also impractical to keep a harvesting team for the four weeks required to harvest each parcel at perfect ripeness. François Berthenet is the current winemaker, and has been in place since 2009”.

Old Bridge rating:

2017s are often very forward – this is surprisingly rich and impressive already.

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