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2018 MOSCATEL DU SETUBAL, Sivipa. Portugal

Bin:  915

Alcohol percentage:  17%


From UK agent Raymond Reynolds:
“Although started by a group of growers, SIVIPA is now the company name enveloping all wines made by the Cordoso family. Although Filipe is in control as winemaker, vineyards are still owned and maintained by his siblings and cousins, distributed as inheritance from previous generations.
The main winery is that of Quinta do Piloto, in Palmela. This winery, along with its concrete fermentation vessels, dates back beyond that of SIVIPA, as it has been in the Cordoso family for 3 generations.
Their 400 hectares of vines can mainly be found on the flat, sandy soils of the penisula, to the East of Palmela. Here they have some fantastic (and some very old) Castelao. They also have some mixed soils and higher altitude sites closer to the hill on which the castle sits. Here they have more of their Moscatel, both Alexandria and Roxo.”

Press review:

Julia Harding MW, writing about the 2015:
“This is an LOL wine (take your pick between laugh-out-loud and lots of love) – just because the apricot and orange aromas and flavours are so wonderfully intense and extreme they provoke simple, spontaneous joy. It’s the sort of wine that will grab your attention and brighten your day thanks to its sweetly indulgent, pure and persistent flavours and lightly viscous texture, balanced by just enough fresh acidity.
If, like me, you love the sort of ripe apricots that are hard to find unless you are standing under the tree at harvest time, this is sweet perfection. Well chilled (8-14 ºC), it could be sipped on its own or paired with fruit desserts. And it is unbelievably good value.
It’s a sweet, bright, orange-gold, fortified Moscatel made from the variety of Muscat found in Portugal’s Setúbal Peninsula, south east of Lisbon on the other side of the Tejo estuary. Known locally and logically as Moscatel de Setúbal, elsewhere – and it is widely planted around the world, especially in Spain but also in California, South America and Australia – it is known as Muscat of Alexandria.
The considerable sweetness (140 g/l) in this unoaked wine is achieved by adding grape spirit early in the fermentation process, resulting in a wine of 17% alcohol and pure, juicy, heart-lifting deliciousness.
I would say there is less vintage variation in this wine than in most unfortified wines.”


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