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2022 ROSATO DELLE CONCHIGLIE, Poggiotondo. Tuscany, Italy

Bin:  308

Alcohol percentage:  13%



Poggiotondo are located north of Empoli, in the western part of Chianti (although Rosato wines cannot be labelled as Chianti). Conchiglie, meaning seashell, is the name of the vineyard, which is full of ancient fossils.

Grape variety:

Sangiovese – gently pressed and then fermented cool (like a white wine) and given a short, two month maturation on its lees before bottling.


Alberto Antonini is an influential and much respected consultant winemaker, with clients around the world, particularly in Italy and Argentina. He is a strong advocate of ‘natural’ winemaking in the true meaning of that concept; not in the hippy-dippy sense, but in a belief in wines that reflect their sense of place, unadorned by excessive alcohol, sweetness or oak.
Poggiotondo is his family estate, where he makes clean, bright, very classic examples of Chianti.

Old Bridge rating:

Dry, savoury, serious style of rosé.


£20.90 per bottle in a mixed case of 6 bottles
£19.80 per bottle in a mixed case of 12 bottles