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2018 WORLD TURN’D UPSIDE DOWN, The Liberator. South Africa

Bin:  197

Alcohol percentage:  14.5%

Grape variety:

Grenache Blanc, made for Richard by DeMorgenzon winery.


Richard Kelley MW, aka ‘The Liberator’, writing in 2020/21.

Command is given, we must obey, and quite forget old Christmas day:
Kill a thousand men, or a Town regain, we will give thanks and praise amain.
The wine pot shall clinke, we will feast and drinke.
And then strange motions will abound.
Yet let’s be content, and the times lament, you see the world turn’d upsife down.

The Above is an extract from The World Turn’d Upsife Down, an English ballad which was first published on a broadside in the middle of the 1640s in protest against Government policy on the commemoration of Christmas. The Parliament of the day believed the holiday should be a solemn occasion and outlawed traditional Christmas celebrations.

It is also the title of an illustrated pamphlet from 1646 and from where inspiration is drawn for the label of Episode 27.

It was important to Rick that The Liberator should, in some small way, mark the events to date of the year 2020.

Horrific bush fires in Australia, unprecedented plagues of locusts in East Africa, COVID-19… Plus, the uncertainty inflicted on the world with the perfect storm of Donald Trump, Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin. Some might add our own Boris to that list… It would be fair to say that we have the worst set of world leaders since the term ‘world leaders’ was invented.

What on earth is going happen next to planet Earth…?

Rick notes that even the bloody Grenache has turned white…

Old Bridge rating:

An impressively rich and textured white, made by Carl van den Merwe when he was winemaker at DeMorgenzon.


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