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2018 Now finished: TREBBIANO D’ABRUZZO, Anfora, Cirelli. Abruzzo, Italy

Bin:  331

Alcohol percentage:  13%




Abruzzo is in central, eastern Italy. Francesco Cirelli started his farm near Atri, 8km from the Adriatic, in 2003. He has 22 hectares, working with vines, geese, olive oil, figs, and ancient grains! Their key farming principles are all about genuine sustainability:
“Crop rotation and nutrient cycling which allows the soil to ‘rest’ and regenerate its nutrient content;
Natural fertilization by means of animals grazing directly on the soil. The manure produced by the animals guarantees a natural herbicide and method of fertilization without resorting to harmful chemicals.
During the first year of production wheat, barley, spelt and alfalfa are sown while the following year the land must necessarily be cultivated for vegetable crops. For the third and fourth year of production, the choice of vegetation falls upon plants such as sunflowers which have shoots that may be placed underground once the seeds have been picked: in so doing, when these shoots begin to decompose they release precious nutrients into the soil.”

Grape variety:

100% Trebbiano, macerated on the skins for 24 hours before fermentation, then pressed, before a natural fermentation in tank and maturation in amphora.

Old Bridge rating:

A ‘natural’ wine but not an earthy or funky one. This is careful winemaking of high quality. For decades Valentini have had the stage to themselves for Trebbiano D’Abruzzo; this is a serious rival.


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