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2017 Now finished: VALPOLICELLA RIPASSO, Soprasasso. Veneto, Italy

Bin:  625

Alcohol percentage:  13.5%


Valpolicella is a sprawling region just north east of Verona in the Veneto. The styles seem to have split into two extremes of light, rather industrial ‘basic’ wine and heavy, rich, expensive Amarone (made with dried grapes). The best producers of course manage to steer between these two poles.

Grape variety:

Corvina with a touch of Molinara and Rondinella. Some of the Corvina grapes are partially dried (not as far as Amarone) before fermentation.

Old Bridge rating:

Mid-weight Valpolicella with freshness and drinkability; so food-friendly.


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£13.05 per bottle in a mixed case of 12 bottles

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