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PROSECCO, Ca’ di Alte. Veneto, Italy

Bin:  17

Alcohol percentage:  11.5%


Grape variety:

Glera, fermented twice in tank (the Charmat method – designed to produce the cleanest, lightest, freshest style of fizz)


From the website of the UK agent:
“Ca’ di Alte was created by winemaker Alberto Marchisio. Although himself a Piemontese, he has been working in the Veneto for some years. He joined Cantina Colli Vicentini as director and winemaker with the 2012 vintage and has since dramatically improved the quality of the wines. The grapes are grown primarily on the hills south of Vicenza, the Colli Berici, where the hillside sites ensure lower yields and better ripeness of the grapes. With Alberto’s hand in the winery, the delicate aromas of the wines have been preserved. The Palladian window on the label references the work of the great Andrea Palladio, many of whose masterpieces are now UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The 16th century architect lived in Montecchio Maggiore, home of the Colli Vicentini winery, and Vicenza most of his life.”

Old Bridge rating:

This is officially an ‘Extra Dry’ style with 15 grammes of residual sugar. However the balance is spot on – it exemplifies the easy-drinking charm that has made Prosecco so popular in the last 5 years


£15.15 per bottle in a mixed case of 6 bottles
£14.36 per bottle in a mixed case of 12 bottles